Joachim Andrae

My current focus is abstract photography. I explore possibilities to create art that inspires other people. I take my pictures with self-made pinhole cameras and analogue cameras. I also work with historical photographic processes such as cyanotype and salt printing. With these techniques, I often make images without a camera. This results in abstract works in the manner of photochemical painting and photograms.
Sometimes I make pictures on the basis of a question, which is worked out conceptually.
On the other hand, I let myself be inspired by a landscape and I simply photograph with a view of nature and let myself drift…..

For the abstract blue pictures I work together with nature. Such a picture is created by the interaction of sun, wind and humidity. I create the original in a small format, so I use little paper, chemicals and water. In my online shop, the motif is offered as a limited edition. The edition pictures are only produced sustainably after an order has been placed, so only the material that is desired is used.

 If you have any further questions about my photographic art, please feel free to email me. Please use the contact form.


Apart from attending a few seminars, I have taught myself most of the photographic techniques. Since 1991 I have participated in national and international exhibitions.
I am a member of the BBK – Schleswig-Holstein and multiple art, Kiel,
and an honorary member of the Japan Pinhole Photographic Society in Tokyo.

Cyanotype abstract

This photo is an example of my working method.
A double exposure on expired instant film was photographed with a self-made pinhole camera.
The result was digitised to make an enlarged negative from which a cyanotype was made on handmade paper.

Since 1991 I have participated in national and international exhibitions, here is a selection:

2002 Kulturstiftung Schloß Agathenburg, Group exhibition

2002 Rathaus-Galerie Koszalin, Polen, Group exhibition

2004 Stadtgalerie im Elbeforum Brunsbüttel, Fotoreflexionen 02, Landesschau der Fotografie

2006 – 20 Internetprojekt International Pinholeday

2006 – 21 Koto-ku Culture Center, Members Exhibition JPPS, Tokio

2008 Schau der 1000 Bilder, Ostseehalle ( „Arena“), Kiel

2009 Landesschau des BBK-Schleswig-Holstein, Ostholstein-Museum, Eutin

2010 Landesschau des BBK-Schleswig-Holstein, Rathausgalerie, Oslo, Norwegen

2010 Schau der 1000 Bilder, Ostseehalle ( „Arena“), Kiel

2011 Galerie im Courierhaus, Neumünster, Einzelausstellung

2012 Stadtmuseum Schleswig, Fotoreflexionen 04, Landesschau der Fotografie

2014 Kunstkreis Preetz, Andrae – Klinner – Richter, „Farbe, Form & Licht“

2014 Schau der 1000 Bilder, Ostseehalle ( „Arena“), Kiel

2014 LiteraturGalerie 64, „Faszination Rot“, Group exhibition, Eutin

2015 Museen im Kulturzentrum Rendsburg, Fotoreflexionen 05, Landesausstellung für Fotografie in Schleswig-Holstein

2016 Schau der 1000 Bilder, Ostseehalle ( „Arena“), Kiel

2017 Brunswiker Pavillon, Kiel, „Mit anderen Augen zu sehen“, juried group exhibition

2017 Kunsthaus Hänisch, Kappeln, „Sofortbilder“, curated group exhibition

2018 Schau der 1000 Bilder, Ostseehalle ( „Arena“), Kiel

2019 Landesschau des BBK-Schleswig-Holstein, Landesmuseum Schloß Gottorf, Schleswig

2020/21 Landesschau des BBK-Schleswig-Holstein, Ostholstein Museum, Eutin

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